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What is Prescribe Diets?

About Prescribe Diets

Prescribe Diets, in short, is a solution to the growing need for customized diets in a world that is learning to use food as medicine. We’ve designed this program in such a way so as to maximize the impact that food can make on the health status and health improvement of your patients, your clients, your own health, and the community as a whole.

  • Enter Food ingredients of your own, or use ours!
  • Tag each food with unique characteristics
  • Make dietary decisions based on desired nutrient outcomes
  • Enter food allergies, sensitivities, along with the ability to create custom food allergy panels
  • Create Diet Types (or use ours)
  • Create a Custom Diet for an individual using food reactions, characteristics, diet types and more!
  • Create Custom Shopping Lists and Recipe Lists for your clients!
There isn’t a diet program on the market that has the flexibility to customize a person’s diet to this degree. EMPLOY the POWER of GREAT EATING on your clients/patients!

Dr. Tony Ganem, DC FAAIH

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